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So it's that time of year again when everyone starts stressing out about all of the millions of things they need to get done. We are all making to-do lists that seem to be endless and have us feeling like...well...TURKEYS! Take a moment, though, to count your blessings because having gratitude in your heart makes your view of things so much clearer.

We are grateful for all of our blessings, which include you! Thanksgiving reminds us to take a second and be thankful.

Each year for this special holiday, all of our family comes together at my house. Many times, we've had visiting friends, family, exchange students, and whoever needed a place to spend Thanksgiving. Everyone brings their "signature" dish, and none of us can wait to dig in. The meal is always spectacular and cooked to perfection. There is nothing to distract us (like presents) from talking to each other, except for maybe football. We laugh, and eat....and eat...and then eat some more. The point of the day, though, is that we are together - and we LOVE it.

Windy City is a family-owned company, and those in our building that are not related to us are still considered family! They have been with us for a long time, and we love and appreciate all they do. We wanted to take this opportunity to say Happy Thanksgiving from our big crazy family to you and your's. May your day be filled with blessings, love and pie. Lots of pie.

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