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The Evolution of the Work Uniform

Originally, the word “uniform” was a way of describing things that all looked the same. Over the years, the meaning (and perception of uniforms) has transformed significantly. Uniforms in the sports setting signify a sense of being part of a team; an integral part of a group of mates all striving toward the same goal. Uniforms in the work setting create a sense of credibility, trust, professionalism, and cleanliness. While uniforms in terms of our military invoke an immediate overwhelming feeling of respect, humility and honor.

Clothing has always, does, and will always speak volumes about who is wearing it. Like it or not, we are all judged by what we are wearing - in both a professional and personal context. When I say "judged," I do not necessarily mean that you are graded on a scale of COOLNESS...I simply mean that people are subconsciously making decisions about who you are, whether they can trust you, and (if you are working) assessing how much they trust your company. Your "uniform" says it all.

Uniforms have lept from a much more formal look (pictured above from the 1940's) when almost every business man wore a suit and tradesmen work a type of coverall, to leisure suits and polyester floral skirts, to padded shoulders and baggy pants, to TODAY - where things are mostly casual. Most workplaces have now employed Casual Fridays, and businesses are much more laid back overall. So where does that leave uniforms and Friday Shirts? In the awesome spot of continuous branding and messaging for your company. What once was a stiff and overlooked "business name here" patched logo is now replaced with hundreds of shirt options with endless fabric, color, and decoration color options. How fun is that? Today, you can be creative and convey your brand with style, cut, fabric, color, can become so very personalized.

Teams, elementary school students, private school students, restaurants, tradesmen, realtors, bankers, insurance sales people, lawn business owners.....all of you can rock self-created uniforms. And it's as easy as giving us a call!


We've been doing this a long time, and even if you don't have any idea what you want, we can help. It is what we do.

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