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Walkers for Knockers...Stomping Out Breast Cancer!

Walkers for Knockers....and Rockers!

Last Saturday, our team Windy City Apparel Walkers for Knockers participated in the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event here in Sarasota at Nathan Benderson Park. The team was the product of a few months of planning, and through social media, family and friends, we were able to meet and exceed our team's fundraising goal!

Humbled to be in the presence of so many strong women and men who have fought/are fighting this terrible disease, I was also very sad for the many who didn't win. They were represented by family and friends, and their pictures were on t-shirts and signs....and of course in the hearts of those that came for them. My heart was heavy as I thought about them for a good part of the weekend. This made me really consider how blessed and lucky I am to have my family with me, and know there is so much love in it. Breast cancer has touched my family in a very serious way, and even though she is now in remission I still hate cancer so much. In fact, breast cancer and other cancers have seriously affected many members of our team; which is why the day meant so much to all of us.

It's so wonderful to join together to fight something so terrible, and to prayerfully hope that one day cancer will only be a very bad memory for all of us. Until then, we'll keep fighting. And walking.

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