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Pantone Releases Color-Trend Report

PANTONE recently released the PANTONE Fashion Color Trend Report Spring 2018 edition for New York's Fashion Week. The report, published for the fashion industry, is a trend-forecaster of the top expected colors for the fashion and apparel industries.

Spring's color palette includes: Meadowlark, Cherry Tomato, Little Boy Blue, Chili Oil, Pink Lavender, Blooming Dahlia, Arcadia, Ultra Violet, Almost Mauve, Spring Crocus, and Lime Punch. These colors will become more prevalent in the fashions you see in online and in the stores in the coming months - especially for spring. Usually these fashion color trends seep into the home design industry as well.

It's always interesting to see which colors will become the "it" colors from season to season; however, as my mom always said, "What's in style is what looks good on you!" Find what you like and make it work for you...and for your logo/company. Whether its the trending colors you need or the basics, we can help you get the look you want. Ask us....the experts. :-)

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